20 September 2007

VARILIGHT Dimmable CFL Wins Lighting Award at 100% Design

British company, Doyle & Tratt Products Ltd, have won the inaugural award at the 100% Design exhibition at Earls Court in London for the most innovative lighting product with the world’s first fully dimmable energy-saving light bulb. The accompanying product launch was achieved after seven years developing their patented DigiFlux® technology.

This type of bulb, often called a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), represents a diversification for Doyle & Tratt, best known as manufacturers of VARILIGHT® dimmer switches and decorative electrical switches and sockets

At the exhibition the product was shown to great effect. As part of their climate campaign, Greenpeace UK is lobbying hard to persuade more people to switch to energy-saving bulbs. They teamed up with lighting designers, Jason Bruges Studio, to create the exhibition stand for last week’s 100% Design exhibition at Earls Court. Jason Bruges Studio wanted to create an interactive “light garden” and made use of the VARILIGHT® fully dimmable CFL. They put on an interactive display of 256 dimmable CFL's arranged as a flower garden.

A short video of the display can be viewed at http://www.varilight.co.uk/Pages/page%20lighting%20award.htm. More information from Greenpeace can be found at http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/tags/varilight

VARILIGHT have initially released two fully dimmable 20 Watt products:
1) dimmable with a standard dimmer switch.
2) dimmable with a standard on/off switch.

Both products come with either a standard bayonet fitting or a standard screw fitting.

Dr Tony Doyle, the managing director of Doyle & Tratt Products, explains:

“The bulbs are exceptionally efficient giving a maximum light equivalent to 110 Watts of normal incandescent bulbs yet smoothly dimming down to 2.5% brightness. The light is the same “warm white” light as normal bulbs. (For the technically minded: 1300 lumens dimming down to 32 lumens with a colour temperature of 2700 degrees Kelvin.)

From multiple on/off tests as adopted by all CFL manufacturers the lifetime of the lamp is projected as 16000 hours, commonly assumed to be 16 years of normal use. This compares with 1000 hours (1 year) for normal bulbs. Additional energy savings are made by dimming these CFLs and calculations show that environmental savings are considerable, contributing to a reduction in global warming; saving over 500 kilograms of carbon dioxide in the life of a single bulb. On present day electricity costs, over £100 will also be saved."

Doyle & Tratt Products Ltd thrives on its cutting-edge technology and won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation in 2006 for its intelligent dimmer switches and designs of its decorative switches and sockets.



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