08 June 2011

V-Pro: The New Name for VARILIGHT Trailing-Edge

V-Pro is the new name for our intelligent trailing-edge dimmer range (formerly known as J-series dimmers). V-Pro dimmers are extremely versatile and perform superbly with most dimmable LEDs. The range was developed with Philips MasterLED and Toshiba dimmable LEDs but performs well with most other brands of dimmable LED as well. In addition to most dimmable LEDs, the V-Pro dimmer is also suitable for traditional mains voltage lighting, mains halogen, dimmable electronic low voltage transformers and dimmable CFLs. VARILIGHT trailing-edge dimmers produce a very gentle waveform which equips them be extremely versatile and extends lamp life considerably. V-Pro dimmers are programmable with a choice of dimming modes and an adjustable minimum brightness setting for enhanced compatibility. Item codes for V-Pro dimmers begin with a J. Already available are V-Pro 1- or 2-way push on/off, rotary dimmers. V-Pro touch/remote control versions are currently in development and are expected to be available by the end of 2011.