09 April 2015

VARILIGHT Grid Dimmers for Multiple Grid Systems

VARILIGHT's superior dimming technology is now available as a multi-grid (.MG) dimmer option for MK, GET and Crabtree grid systems. Each grid dimmer is supplied with a selection of three grid fascias for compatibility with the various systems. A moulded spanner is also supplied for ease of fitting.

Of particular interest to installers will be the availability of the market-leading VARILIGHT V-Pro and V-Com LED dimmers as grid options for multiple grid systems. Choose VARILIGHT V-Pro (product code GJP100W.MG) for between 1 and 10 dimmable LEDs per dimmer (up to a maximum of 100W). For larger LED loads up to 180W, choose the V-Com multi-grid dimmer (product code GKP180W.MG).

In addition to V-Pro, multi-grid dimmers are also available from VARILIGHT's V-Dim series, which is suitable for incandescent lighting, including halogen and dimmable electronic transformers. Choose product code GP400W.MG for up to 400W. Other multi-grid options now available from VARILIGHT now include an F-series dimmer for multiple 1 to 10V high-frequency ballasts or LED drivers (GFP1M1W.MG) and an new on/off only module for non-dimmable loads (GH0W.MG).

Customers are reminded that a full range of grid dimmers, switches and fuse holders are available in the VARILIGHT PowerGrid grid system. PowerGrid is available with low profile white, steel or chrome grid faceplates (with mini fixing screws) which coordinate with VARILIGHT Screwless wiring accessories.