19 June 2015

Decorative Architrave Switches from VARILIGHT

VARILIGHT Architrave Toggle Switch
VARILIGHT's Classic Raised Profile Range has been expanded to include Architrave Switches in Matt Chrome, Mirror Chrome and Victorian Brass.

In addition to 10A 2-Way Rocker Switches with matching metal rockers, 10A 2-Way Toggle Switches are also available.

Varilight Architrave Rocker Switch
2-Way Architrave Switch
in Matt Chrome
Product codes follow the usual convention with the first two letters denoting the finish (XS for Matt Chrome, XC for Mirror Chrome or XV for Victorian Brass) and the subsequent letters denoting the product type. For architrave rocker switches add "A1D" or for architrave toggle switches add "AT1". An example code, therefore, for a Matt Chrome Architrave Toggle Switch is XSAT1.

Use architrave switches alongside doorways or in any other location in the home where there is insufficient space to mount a standard sized switch.