11 December 2009

Decorative Rockers for Fused Spurs and 20A Switches

Decorative metal versions of Fused Spurs and 20A Double Pole Switches have now been added to Varilight's Classic, Ultraflat & Screwless ranges. The new versions are available with or without neons and the fused spurs as switched and unswitched.

The new products complement the existing range of decorative metal rockers already available for 10A 2-Way Switches, 10A Intermediate Switches and 13A Double Pole Sockets and the decorative control knobs on Dimmers and the decorative Toggle Switches.

The product shown is a Switched Fused Spur with Neon in the Varilight Screwless Mocha range (Product Code XDM6NDS).

To order the decorative version of a product, replace the "B" (black) or "W" (white) in the product code with a "D" for decorative. For example, to order a decorative version of product code XC6W (Classic Bevel-Edge Mirror Chrome Switched Fused Spur with White Insert), please use order product code XC6D. Similarly, for the Screwless Low Profile XDC20NBS, please order the decorative version using product code XDC20NDS.