17 December 2009

"Impulse" Push-On/Off Switches from VARILIGHT

We are pleased to reveal an exciting addition to the VARILIGHT range of decorative wiring accessories - "Impulse" Push-On/Push-Off Switches. A stylish alternative to rocker or toggle switches, impulse switches are rated at 6A. They are currently offered in 1- and 2-gang versions and will be available as 3- and 4-gang later in 2010.

Impulse switches can also be used in combination with VARILIGHT touch/remote dimmers on multi-gang faceplates for circuits containing loads that cannot be dimmed. These combinations are not stock coded so please order from your supplier by describing the combination you require.

If used in combination with VARILIGHT "Switch Dimmable" low energy light bulbs (CFLs) an additional feature called "Impulse Dimming" can be utilised. With impulse dimming a light touch triggers the dimming cycle of switch dimmable lighting. A second light touch resets the light level. A full push switches the light on or off.