08 July 2014

Varilight TV Channel Launched

Varilight has launched a new video channel, called Varilight TV, on the YouTube platform. A series of "How To" videos will be released to help customers get the most from Varilight's extensive range of dimmer switches, switches, sockets and transformers. The first video is already available on the channel and demonstrates how to program Varilight V-Pro dimmers to optimise the performance of LED lighting.

"There are many aspects of our products that are easier to demonstrate in a video format than either in print or over the telephone," explains Andrew Wilson, Commercial Manager at Varilight. "The new Varilight TV channel gives us the opportunity to connect with our customers in a new and exciting way."

"Our first video explains how to access the programming functions of the Varilight V-Pro dimmer to optimise the performance of a given LED lighting load. Customers are shown how to select the most suitable dimming mode and adjust the minimum brightness setting of the dimmer to deliver the best possible dimming range from their dimmable LED lights".

Varilight TV can be viewed on the Varilight website or on the dedicated channel on YouTube.