08 January 2015

USB Charging Sockets from VARILIGHT with Port Optimisation

With the proliferation of devices occupying our homes, access to power sockets has become an increasingly frustrating issue. Varilight's new USB charging sockets offer a neat solution. Many phones and tablets are now supplied with USB charging cables but until now this meant booting up a PC or laptop to charge the devices or buying plug-in adapters.

Varilight USB Charging Socket in Matt Chrome
XS5U2B - USB Charging Socket Matt Chrome (Stainless Steel)
Now with the addition of USB charging sockets to Varilight's range of decorative wiring accessories, double sockets are available with two USB charging ports in Classic Raised Profile, Ultraflat and Low Profile Screwless plate styles and many decorative finishes.

Faster Charging

Charging times can be improved if USB charging ports are optimised for the type of device that is connected.

Varilight USB Charging Socket in Premium White Screwless
XDQ5U2WS  - USB Charging Socket Premium White Screwless
Port Optimisation

Although either port can be used for any compatible device, Varilight USB charging sockets have ports optimised for Apple* and non-Apple devices so that a wide variety of phones and tablets can be charged at optimum speeds.

Further improvements in charging times can be made by connecting to only one of the USB ports at a time.

Double Pole 13A Sockets

The two 13A socket outlets are unaffected by the addition of the USB ports and can be used in the usual way with no impact on the devices connected.

* Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc.