08 April 2016

Intermediate Push On/Off Switch

MPINT - New Intermediate 

Push On/Off Switch 

Due to overwhelming demand, we are proud to introduce our New Intermediate Push On/Off Switch. This is ideal for those tricky installations where you need to retain the aesthetics of a dimmer switch in an intermediate switch situation.

What is an intermediate switch:
For those less technically minded amongst us, I’ll try and explain. A one way switch is used when you have one switch for a single light or set of lights. A two way switch is used when there are 2 switches controlling the same light or set of lights. If you are using 2-way push on/off dimmer switches you can replace either one of the switches with the dimmer. The other will remain as a standard switch or it can be substituted with replacement switch module which looks like a dimmer. Click here for more information. If you wish to dim your lights from both switches you can use a master/slave dimmer combination. Click here for more information.
Now we come to the intermediate switch; this is used when you have 3 switches controlling one light or set of lights. The most typical example of this might be in a hallway, when perhaps there is a switch at the front door, a switch at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top of the stairs, all controlling the same hall light. On this circuit the middle switch (usually the one at the bottom of the stairs) will be an intermediate switch. This can be extended to four or more switches. In the above example, there could be another switch at the end of the landing, in which case the 2 middle switches will both be intermediate. The intermediate switches have, until now, had to be standard rocker or toggle switches. With this latest product launch, you now have the flexibility to install an intermediate switch which looks like a dimmer, especially useful if the replacement switch is two or more gangs and also contains dimmers. As before, only one of these switches can be dimmers but by using Varilight’s ranges of touch and remote control dimmers you can dim from all switch locations.
One final note on intermediate switches, and a question we are often asked: “If I have bought an intermediate switch by mistake it can be used as 1-way or a 2-way switch?”. The answer is yes, it can easily be wired as such.

What is available:
Varilight’s intermediate dimmer modules are available in the following formats:
PowerGrid module (click here for more information on other PowerGrid finishes)
Multi-Grid Module for MK, Crabtree and Schneider/GET grids.
You can also use the VARILIGHT Bespoke service to mix and match to your own specific requirements.

For more information on any of dimmer switches please visit our website, www.varilight.co.uk.