20 July 2016

V-Pro High Power LED Dimmers

Step up to the Next Level with Varilight V-Pro High Power LED Dimmers

Our market leading V-Pro LED dimmers are now better than ever with high power versions available across the range, which are designed for use with dimmable LEDs and each dimmer can dim up to 30 LEDs (maximum of 300W).

These new dimmers build on the success of our existing V-Pro series dimmers, which are now able to control up to 120W of LED lighting (Max. 10 lamps).

VARILIGHT High Power V-Pro Dimmers are available in the following formats in all our Decorative Finishes:

  • 1-Gang Dimmers on a single faceplate
  • 2- and 3-Gang Dimmers on twin faceplates (3-Gang Dimmers can also dim up to 30 LEDs but with a maximum load of 250W)

We are also able to create Bespoke items to your specification. Click here for more information.

Our V-Pro series comprises programmable intelligent dimmers with a choice of dimming modes for the widest compatibility with LED lighting. All V-Pro dimmers offer superior dimming technology to deliver the best possible dimming performance for a given load. To enhance compatibility with the ever-increasing range of lighting options now available to customers, V-Pro dimmers are programmable to offer a choice of 3 dimming modes. In addition, users can set the minimum load level for the dimmer to optimise the dimming range of a particular lighting load. You can view the programming instructions on the product leaflet. These are available on our website. We are also able to create Bespoke items to your specification. Click here for more information. 

V-Pro high power LED dimmers offer a professional dimming performance with premium features such as silent operation and voltage stabilisation for superior control of LED lighting loads. V-Pro dimmers are extremely versatile and are suitable for dimmable LED lighting requiring either “trailing-edge” or “leading-edge” control. 

V-Pro Dimmers are widely recommended by manufacturers of LED lighting and are supplied with a 10 year guarantee.

For more information on the full range of Varilight LED dimmer switches please visit our website www.varilight.co.uk/leds

Data sheets for our entire range are available on the website. Simply type the product code into the search box or use the Product Configurator to find a product without knowing the code.

View a sample datasheet for a 1-Gang High Power V-Pro Dimmer in Classic White Plastic here: http://www.varilight.co.uk/configurator/product.php?code=JQP601W