06 September 2016

VARILIGHT V-Pro Dimmer Tops Independent Test

Results of an independent test published in the August edition of Lux Review demonstrate the versatility of the Varilight V-Pro Dimmer.

"It worked straight out the box and gave smooth operation with all lamps." Lux Review, August 2016

Read the full article here (The article refers to the dimmer using our company name, "Doyle and Tratt V-Pro")

Up against several other LED dimmers and tested across a wide selection of dimmable LED lamps, the V-Pro dimmer came out on top. High grades were awarded to the V-Pro dimmer for its performance with each of the lamps tested and particular mention was made of the V-Pro dimmer's ability to dim to very low brightness levels.

This is the latest in a series of accolades for V-Pro dimmers which are now available in two ratings, one for up to 10 LED lamps (max. 120W) and a higher-rated dimmer for up to 30 LED lamps (max. 300W), across the entire Varilight range of decorative finishes. Grid versions are also available for Varilight PowerGrid and as a Multi-Grid version for MK, Crabtree and Schneider grid systems. Replacement modules for standard dimmer faceplates are also available.

It is also possible to purchase remote control V-Pro dimmers which have the added advantage of multi-point dimming, including a grid version of the Eclique2 series for the Varilight PowerGrid


20 July 2016

V-Pro High Power LED Dimmers

Step up to the Next Level with Varilight V-Pro High Power LED Dimmers

Our market leading V-Pro LED dimmers are now better than ever with high power versions available across the range, which are designed for use with dimmable LEDs and each dimmer can dim up to 30 LEDs (maximum of 300W).

These new dimmers build on the success of our existing V-Pro series dimmers, which are now able to control up to 120W of LED lighting (Max. 10 lamps).

VARILIGHT High Power V-Pro Dimmers are available in the following formats in all our Decorative Finishes:

  • 1-Gang Dimmers on a single faceplate
  • 2- and 3-Gang Dimmers on twin faceplates (3-Gang Dimmers can also dim up to 30 LEDs but with a maximum load of 250W)

We are also able to create Bespoke items to your specification. Click here for more information.

Our V-Pro series comprises programmable intelligent dimmers with a choice of dimming modes for the widest compatibility with LED lighting. All V-Pro dimmers offer superior dimming technology to deliver the best possible dimming performance for a given load. To enhance compatibility with the ever-increasing range of lighting options now available to customers, V-Pro dimmers are programmable to offer a choice of 3 dimming modes. In addition, users can set the minimum load level for the dimmer to optimise the dimming range of a particular lighting load. You can view the programming instructions on the product leaflet. These are available on our website. We are also able to create Bespoke items to your specification. Click here for more information. 

V-Pro high power LED dimmers offer a professional dimming performance with premium features such as silent operation and voltage stabilisation for superior control of LED lighting loads. V-Pro dimmers are extremely versatile and are suitable for dimmable LED lighting requiring either “trailing-edge” or “leading-edge” control. 

V-Pro Dimmers are widely recommended by manufacturers of LED lighting and are supplied with a 10 year guarantee.

For more information on the full range of Varilight LED dimmer switches please visit our website www.varilight.co.uk/leds

Data sheets for our entire range are available on the website. Simply type the product code into the search box or use the Product Configurator to find a product without knowing the code.

View a sample datasheet for a 1-Gang High Power V-Pro Dimmer in Classic White Plastic here: http://www.varilight.co.uk/configurator/product.php?code=JQP601W

08 April 2016

Intermediate Push On/Off Switch

MPINT - New Intermediate 

Push On/Off Switch 

Due to overwhelming demand, we are proud to introduce our New Intermediate Push On/Off Switch. This is ideal for those tricky installations where you need to retain the aesthetics of a dimmer switch in an intermediate switch situation.

What is an intermediate switch:
For those less technically minded amongst us, I’ll try and explain. A one way switch is used when you have one switch for a single light or set of lights. A two way switch is used when there are 2 switches controlling the same light or set of lights. If you are using 2-way push on/off dimmer switches you can replace either one of the switches with the dimmer. The other will remain as a standard switch or it can be substituted with replacement switch module which looks like a dimmer. Click here for more information. If you wish to dim your lights from both switches you can use a master/slave dimmer combination. Click here for more information.
Now we come to the intermediate switch; this is used when you have 3 switches controlling one light or set of lights. The most typical example of this might be in a hallway, when perhaps there is a switch at the front door, a switch at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top of the stairs, all controlling the same hall light. On this circuit the middle switch (usually the one at the bottom of the stairs) will be an intermediate switch. This can be extended to four or more switches. In the above example, there could be another switch at the end of the landing, in which case the 2 middle switches will both be intermediate. The intermediate switches have, until now, had to be standard rocker or toggle switches. With this latest product launch, you now have the flexibility to install an intermediate switch which looks like a dimmer, especially useful if the replacement switch is two or more gangs and also contains dimmers. As before, only one of these switches can be dimmers but by using Varilight’s ranges of touch and remote control dimmers you can dim from all switch locations.
One final note on intermediate switches, and a question we are often asked: “If I have bought an intermediate switch by mistake it can be used as 1-way or a 2-way switch?”. The answer is yes, it can easily be wired as such.

What is available:
Varilight’s intermediate dimmer modules are available in the following formats:
PowerGrid module (click here for more information on other PowerGrid finishes)
Multi-Grid Module for MK, Crabtree and Schneider/GET grids.
You can also use the VARILIGHT Bespoke service to mix and match to your own specific requirements.

For more information on any of dimmer switches please visit our website, www.varilight.co.uk.

03 March 2016

Dimmers For Larger LED Loads

V-Com Series Dimmers -
For Larger LED Loads 

With cost savings and energy efficiency driving architects to specify LED lighting solutions in both commercial and larger residential installations, the demand for dimmers capable of delivering a stable dimming performance for larger LED loads is increasing. 

Our V-Com series dimmers have been developed for applications where there is a need to control large LED lighting loads, with options up to 180W (max. 20 LEDs), 220W (max. 26 LEDs), 400W (max. 40 LEDs) and 600W (max. 60 LEDs).

V-Com series dimmers are available in all our decorative finishes

The V-Com dimmer series utilises new patented technology, developed by Varilight's technical team, to enable larger dimmable LED loads to be controlled across an impressive minimum to maximum brightness range without flicker.
Users can set the minimum load level for the dimmer to optimise the dimming range of a particular lighting load while a choice of 3 dimming modes widens compatibility of more challenging loads.
For more information on the full range of Varilight LED dimmer switches please visit our website www.varilight.co.uk/leds

Please Vote for Varilight in the Electrical Wholesaler Awards 2016 (Best New Product)

04 February 2016

Advice on Dimming LEDs

8 DOs and DON’Ts For Dimming Retrofit LEDs 

LED lighting has already captured the imagination of consumers who are now are able to buy energy-saving lamps that look like the incandescent lamps they are replacing. Consumers are also expecting the dimming performance to be replicated and this is where a lack of information can lead to disappointing results. By making consumers aware of a few basic rules, their experience of dimmable LED lighting can be transformed.
Here are our top tips for the getting the best out of retrofit dimmable LED lighting.

1. DO Choose “Dimmable” LEDs

Our number one rule for successfully dimming LED lighting might sound obvious but it is a common misconception that any LED lights can be dimmed with an LED dimmer. In reality the driver circuitry must be designed with dimming in mind so it is essential to choose lamps that the manufacturer describes as “dimmable”. The lack of an industry standard for dimmable LED drivers has, though, led to a myriad of different approaches by lamp manufacturers, some more successful than others.

TOP TIP: Choose “dimmable” lamps but be aware that this in itself is not a guarantee of a good dimming performance. However, it is a good starting point.

2. DO Stick to Recognised Brands
There is a wide degree of variation in the dimming performance, under test, of LED lamps described as “dimmable”, with the achievable brightness range and stability of output being the most likely features to disappoint with unbranded lamps. Some manufacturers are happy to label their lamps as “dimmable” even if they can deliver only the slightest change in brightness. We recommend that customers choose lamps from established lighting manufacturers. Aside from dimming considerations, established brands are also more likely to offer better product warranties, longer lamp lifetimes and more customer support.

TOP TIP: Stick to brand names that you can have confidence in and don’t be tempted to make false economies.

3. DO Read the Label
To deliver a true retrofit comparison with incandescent lighting it is important to consider the brightness range. Significant advances have been made in recent years in LED lighting technology, leading to far higher lumens per watt being achieved, even for halogen-mimicking, warm-white lamps where lamp output is often compromised for the more familiar incandescent hue. There is little point in connecting a dimmer to an LED light if it is quite dim enough already and so this progress in the brightness of retrofit LED lamps has made dimming much more relevant. Brighter lamps can provide customers with a greater dimming range.

TOP TIP: Read the label and select the dimmable lamps with the highest maximum lumen output.

4. DO Ask Manufacturers About Compatibility
Most established lighting brands publish compatibility data on their websites. Dimmer switches from various brands are tested with various loads and the lamp performance graded. These grades are a useful reference point and can help in choosing a dimmer. It can be confusing though, when navigating the websites of international brands, to find dimmers listed that are not available in the UK. If in doubt contact the company to ask about their recommendations.

TOP TIP: Manufacturers want customers to experience the full potential of their lamps and will often be happy to recommend the best dimmer switch to use.

5. DON’T Use a Standard Dimmer 
Some lamps manufacturers may boast that their dimmable LED lighting can be controlled using a standard dimmer, but where this claim is borne out, it is likely to only be when some very narrow criteria are met. Standard dimmers will be under-loaded in most LED applications, exacerbating flickering and strobing effects, which in turn, can drastically shorten lamp lifetimes. Nor are standard dimmers equipped to exploit the full brightness range, resulting in a disappointing user experience.

TOP TIP: Take claims of compatibility with standard dimmers with a pinch of salt. 

6. DO Choose a Dimmer Designed for LED Lighting
Sophisticated dimmers are available to deliver the best possible performance from dimmable LED lighting. Some, such as our V-Pro LED dimmer, have several dimming modes on board to enable smooth dimming across the diverse driver technologies in the market. The brightness output a lamp produces from the same power input varies markedly between brands. For this reason, Varilight LED dimmers have an adjustable minimum brightness setting to enable the user to access the full brightness range of a given lamp. An adjustable minimum brightness also ensures that any instability a lamp might exhibit at its lowest level of illumination can be avoided.

TOP TIP: Dedicated LED dimmers are equipped to exploit an LED lamp’s full dimming potential, better replicating the dimming behaviour of an incandescent lamp.

7. DON’T Buy Your Lights Without First Selecting A Dimmer
Like all dimmer switches, those designed for LED lighting have minimum and maximum load recommendations. Design your lighting installation to ensure you don’t exceed the maximum load of the dimmers available. Splitting the load across more than one dimmer could provide a solution and give greater control by allowing light levels to be zoned within a multi-functional space. Until recently it was difficult to find a dimmer capable of controlling more than 100W of LED lighting but the launch of our V-Com series has opened up the possibility of dimming much larger LED loads, up to 600W.

TOP TIP: It’s important to select a dimmer capable of controlling the total wattage and quantity of the lamps you want to dim.

8. DO Read the Instruction Leaflet
LED dimmers often come with features designed to enhance their performance but you may need to program the dimmer to access them. Don’t be tempted just to “plug and play” because you may be missing out of features that will give greater expression to your lighting. For example, enhanced scene-setting features within our V-Pro remote control dimmers can be unlocked by using the dedicated “LightScene” handset. For a visual walk through the programming procedure for V-Pro dimmers, visit www.varilight.co.uk/tv.

TOP TIP: Read the instruction leaflet or risk missing out on features and benefits. 

For more information on any of dimmer switches please visit our website, www.varilight.co.uk.


16 December 2015

VARILIGHT is Presented With The Queen's Award for Enterprise

HRH The Duke of Kent Presents Varilight With The Queen's Award for Enterprise

As another busy year comes towards an end we were honoured last week to welcome His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent  to our head office in Faygate where we were presented with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

The Queen's Award, in the category of Continuous Innovation, was given in recognition of our success in bringing innovation to the electrical wiring accessories market and, in particular, for our technological development in designing dimmer switches for LED lighting.

Our V-Pro LED dimmer has become a flagship product and raised the profile of the VARILIGHT brand, bringing with it increased interest in our entire range of decorative switches , sockets and dimmers, including our new V-Com series dimmers for larger LED lighting loads. 

As the UK's leading manufacturer of dimmer switches, we at VARILIGHT were the first to react to the requirement for a dimmer switch to control LED lighting. We undertook a complete redesign of the traditional dimmer switch to create our V-Pro series, which is equipped with features to optimise the dimming performance of LED lighting. For example, an adjustable minimum brightness setting enables the user to define the best dimming range for any given LED lighting load, eliminating flicker and exploiting the full dimming capability of individual LED light bulbs.

With our new V-Com series we aim to build on this success by addressing the increasing need to control larger LED lighting loads with options up to 600W. 

We were a previous winner of the award in 2006 and are delighted to have been honoured for a second time this year. The presentation was an opportunity for many of our staff to take a break from what has been an extremely busy December and share in the celebrations.

As we reflect on a successful year, I would like to thank you for your support and to wish you a very happy Christmas from all of us at Varilight.

Vintage Christmas Holly Clipart

14 December 2015

New Advice for Dimming Halogen Lighting

With the current focus on LED lighting, it's easy to forget that millions of halogen lamps are still sold each year in the UK and their use remains widespread. Although halogen lamps are offered at low prices, there is a hidden cost from relatively high failure rates. 

Halogen lamp failures often occur when they are switched on rapidly by a conventional on/off switch but this issue can be overcome by using soft‐start dimmers. Soft-start dimmer switches gently increase the power supplied to a lamp when the dimmer is first turned on, allowing the lamp to warm up gradually, reducing failures caused by stress on halogen lamps when they are switched on. 

So, for the best results with halogen lighting, choose our V-Plus series intelligent dimmers which feature soft-start to regulate the power supplied when the dimmer is first switched on. V-Plus dimmers are suitable for both 1- and 2-way circuits. In a 2-way circuit the dimmer is used in conjunction with a regular switch but the soft‐start feature of the dimmer still regulates the power when the switch is used to turn on the lights. 

For large halogen loads, a new 1000 watt V-Plus dimmer is being added to our range. In white plastic, for example, the part number is IQP1001W. It is recommended that this dimmer is used in place of the HQ9W dimmer for halogen lighting. 

 All our touch and remote control dimmer series feature soft start and so are also suitable for halogen loads in 1-way and 2‐ or multi‐way circuits in conjunction with dimming slaves.

For 1-way circuits our V-Dim series rotary dimmers offer a budget solution for halogen lamps. Similar life‐prolonging benefits are achieved because rotary dimmers switch on at their lowest setting. This, in effect, creates a manual soft‐start for 1‐way circuits and so a new TQR1001W rotary dimmer rated at 1000 watt is being introduced to the V-Dim series. For more information on any of dimmer switches please visit our website, www.varilight.co.uk.

19 June 2015

Decorative Architrave Switches from VARILIGHT

VARILIGHT Architrave Toggle Switch
VARILIGHT's Classic Raised Profile Range has been expanded to include Architrave Switches in Matt Chrome, Mirror Chrome and Victorian Brass.

In addition to 10A 2-Way Rocker Switches with matching metal rockers, 10A 2-Way Toggle Switches are also available.

Varilight Architrave Rocker Switch
2-Way Architrave Switch
in Matt Chrome
Product codes follow the usual convention with the first two letters denoting the finish (XS for Matt Chrome, XC for Mirror Chrome or XV for Victorian Brass) and the subsequent letters denoting the product type. For architrave rocker switches add "A1D" or for architrave toggle switches add "AT1". An example code, therefore, for a Matt Chrome Architrave Toggle Switch is XSAT1.

Use architrave switches alongside doorways or in any other location in the home where there is insufficient space to mount a standard sized switch.

10 June 2015

V-Com LED Dimmer Options Up To 400W Now Available

V-Com dimmers are now available with options up to 400W for LED lighting installations in commercial or large residential projects.

V-Com is primarily targeted at commercial installations, such as offices where large numbers of dimmable LED panels are installed, but V-Com is equally at home controlling larger loads in a domestic environment, for example in rooms with more than the V-Pro series maximum load of 10 downlights.

Customers with larger installations can now order V-Com dimmers rated up to 400W of dimmable LED lighting. Just like V-Pro, V-Com series dimmers benefit from a programmable minimum brightness setting to deliver the best possible brightness range for a given LED load. In addition, intelligent overload protection and soft start features help extend product life.
KDBP401S - 1 Gang 400W V-Com Dimmer in Brushed Brass

V-Com dimmers are push-on/off with rotary dimming and are offered across the vast range of Varilight decorative finishes as well as standard white faceplates. The product codes for V-Com dimmers begin with the letter K.

For example, in Varilight Matt Chrome the code KSP401 is for a 1 Gang 2 Way 400W Dimmer. Similarly, a 2-Gang 2 Way 2 x 180W Dimmer in Classic White has the code KQP182W.

Grid versions of V-Com rated for up to 180W of dimmable LEDs are available for the Varilight PowerGrid range (code GKP180W for white plastic and GKP180S for brushed steel, for example). Varilight also offer a "multi-grid" version in white (GKP180W.MG) which is supplied with fascias suitable for MK, GET and Crabtree grid systems.

For more information or to order V-Com dimmers please contact your Varilight supplier.

18 May 2015

1-10V Control Grid Dimmers from VARILIGHT

Varilight's grid dimmer switch offer continues to grow with the addition of F-series dimmers for high frequency ballasts or LED drivers requiring 1-10V control.

Each dimmer is designed to work with one or multiple ballasts / drivers up to 20mA. The mains switch is rated at 6A.

In the Varilight PowerGrid range these dimmers are available in white (GFP1M1W) and black plastic (GFP1M1B) as well as brushed steel (GFP1M1S) and polished chrome (GFP1M1C) decorative finishes.

A multi-grid option in white (GFP1M1W.MG) is also available which is compatible with MK, GET and Crabtree grid systems.

In addition to grid variants, F-series 1-10V control dimmers are also available across all the Varilight finishes. In the classic white plastic range the part code is FQP1M1W.


21 April 2015

VARILIGHT Wins Queen's Award for Innovation 2015


British electrical wiring accessory and dimmer switch manufacturer Doyle and Tratt Products Ltd, better known by its brand name VARILIGHT, has been named winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise, the UK's highest accolade for business success, for the second time.

The Queen's Award was awarded to VARILIGHT in the category of Continuous Innovation in recognition of its success in bringing innovation to the wiring accessory market and, in particular, for its technological development in designing dimmer switches for LED lighting.

VARILIGHT's LED dimmer technology has brought significant growth to its business over the past two years, a trend that looks set to continue with the rapidly growing uptake in LED lighting from lighting designers, and increasingly householders.

As the UK's leading manufacturer of dimmer switches, Varilight were the first to react to the requirement for a dimmer switch to control LED lighting. The company undertook a complete redesign of the traditional dimmer switch to create its V-Pro series, which is equipped with features to optimise the dimming performance of LED lighting. For example, an adjustable minimum brightness setting enables the user to define the best dimming range for any given LED lighting load, eliminating flicker and exploiting the full dimming capability of individual LED lightbulbs. VARILIGHT's new V-Com series builds on the company's success by addressing the increasing need to control larger LED lighting loads.

This accolade is the latest in a string of awards for VARILIGHT who, as pioneers in lighting and dimming technologies, have been lighting up the electrical industry for over forty years. During this time, there has been a constant need to re-evaluate the dimmer switch as new lighting technology has emerged; especially the recent generations of energy-saving light sources which have come to dominate the market. Varilight has led the way in lighting control with a series of technical innovations.

Doyle and Tratt's Varilight brand is synonymous with quality, choice, value and innovation not only in technology but also in leading the market in on-trend decorative finishes across a comprehensive range of wiring accessories.

"We are delighted to have been recognised for this most prestigious of awards," says company chairman, Tony Doyle. "The V-Pro LED dimmer has become our flagship product and raised the profile of the VARILIGHT brand, bringing with it increased interest in our entire range of decorative dimmers, switches and sockets. With a new European range and other export initiatives, we are well-positioned to build on our success in the UK as we introduce our world class LED dimmer switches to international markets."



Doyle and Tratt Products Ltd is a leading British manufacturer of dimmer switches and decorative switches and sockets, under the Varilight brand, supplying the International and UK retail markets, the trade and OEMs. The Horsham-based business has been manufacturing dimmer switches since its conception in 1972. Over the decades, VARILIGHT has met the challenges presented by new lighting technologies by continuing to evolve its range to deliver superior control of challenging loads such as dimmable LEDs. VARILIGHT's LED dimmer range now includes remote control dimmers with scene-setting capabilities. In recognition of innovation in lighting and lighting control, VARILIGHT was a previous winner of the Queen's Award in 2006, the inaugural winner of the "Innovation in Lighting Design" award at 100% Design in 2007 and a "Decade of Design" finalist at the Lighting Design Awards in 2012. Doyle and Tratt Products was also awarded the "Movers and Shakers" award by Decision magazine in 2015.




The Queen's Awards are made annually by Her Majesty The Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister, who is assisted by an Advisory Committee that includes representatives of Government, industry and commerce, and the trade unions. They are announced annually on 21 April, the Queen's birthday and awarded to businesses for outstanding achievement in International Trade, Innovation and Sustainable Development.

Winners of the Queen's Awards can expect an invitation to attend a special reception at Buckingham Palace and use The Queen's Award emblem in advertising, marketing and on packaging for a period of five years as a symbol of their quality and success.


Please contact Sandra Forte at Shere Marketing on 07791 627368 or email sandraf@sheremarketing.co.uk

09 April 2015

VARILIGHT Grid Dimmers for Multiple Grid Systems

VARILIGHT's superior dimming technology is now available as a multi-grid (.MG) dimmer option for MK, GET and Crabtree grid systems. Each grid dimmer is supplied with a selection of three grid fascias for compatibility with the various systems. A moulded spanner is also supplied for ease of fitting.

Of particular interest to installers will be the availability of the market-leading VARILIGHT V-Pro and V-Com LED dimmers as grid options for multiple grid systems. Choose VARILIGHT V-Pro (product code GJP100W.MG) for between 1 and 10 dimmable LEDs per dimmer (up to a maximum of 100W). For larger LED loads up to 180W, choose the V-Com multi-grid dimmer (product code GKP180W.MG).

In addition to V-Pro, multi-grid dimmers are also available from VARILIGHT's V-Dim series, which is suitable for incandescent lighting, including halogen and dimmable electronic transformers. Choose product code GP400W.MG for up to 400W. Other multi-grid options now available from VARILIGHT now include an F-series dimmer for multiple 1 to 10V high-frequency ballasts or LED drivers (GFP1M1W.MG) and an new on/off only module for non-dimmable loads (GH0W.MG).

Customers are reminded that a full range of grid dimmers, switches and fuse holders are available in the VARILIGHT PowerGrid grid system. PowerGrid is available with low profile white, steel or chrome grid faceplates (with mini fixing screws) which coordinate with VARILIGHT Screwless wiring accessories.